Pelican Beach Wedding - Garifuna Style

11:28 am

Location: Dangriga, Pelican Beach Resort

Girls Getting Ready...

Dress details...

Bridesmaid Hairstyle...

The Bride in Make up...

The Groom...

 Perfect way to keep the little ones busy to get them ready is have a tv in the room!

The Peeking bride...

The Groomsmen

The bridesmaids

Here comes the bride.... Everyone's heads turn around.

watching his bride walk down the aisle...

Singing Our Father in Garifuna ...
Holding pinky fingers together...

Thank You Tropic air, really do love the plane in the shot.

Throwing of the Garter.

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  1. this wedding was phenomenal... the bride and groom looked so happy.. and cute togeda mite i add :)

  2. lovely pic friend so happy we share in each other special day

  3. Lovely couple, great wedding colors, amazing venue and gorgeous smiles-looks like the perfect wedding for 2 very deserving people. Congrats Bri & Krys!!!

  4. it nice an different dat makes it a unique wedding.happy for d couple may god keep u guys together forever

  5. Great pics...perfect couple! Photographer did a gr8 job!


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