Antheia - Goddess of Flowers

7:46 am

Locations in Belmopan are quite limited, I've always had this place on my mind since the first time I came with my mom so I was super excited when I got permission to to shoot there.

The gown was made by Davina Michelle and worn by Sophia Tucker , I really love how the fabric had such a wonderful flow every time the model walked in it, it just swayed with her and the color really seem to set well with the scene. The Head piece was also created by Davina Michelle, which inspired the name of the blog "Antheia" the goddess of flowers, in Greek mythology it was said she wore flowery wreaths worn at festivals and parties.

Seriously in love with the setting in this scene, the table and chairs with plants! 

These Pillar designs made the Greek Goddess look complete 

The head piece was gorgeous, made so perfectly 

The Chinese garden was another favorite and the lighting was spectacular on this day! 

 If I could I would wear flowery crowns everyday I would! 


Monica Gallardo 

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