Behind the Scenes of Pink Jade - Rebecca Stirm Collection

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So we all know the fashion show is almost here! Rebecca Stirms Pink Jade collection will be showing in October on the 5th in Belize City. 

For now the fashion shots will not be shown, but I would love to treat you guys with some behind the scene shots of both days of the Collection Shoot! Thankfully we had no rain, Belize has been in hurricane season and we have been receiving quite a few showers. I am pleased to say that the girls climbed trees, rode bikes, ate cookies, swung on swings, and managed to keep the dresses and shoes intact!

Model: Stephanie Elena
Jewelry By: Eye Candy 
Clothing: Rebecca Stirm 
 After this you will probably be running to go buy your tickets before they're all sold out!

The location we scouted out had places we were able to use all over, our form of transportation for shoes, makeup, etc was this cute bike! we would throw our stuff in the basket and ride away. Their's  Rebecca bringing the flowers. 

Wish I had a before shot of the bike! The night before the shoot I headed over to Beccas and we painted the bike with adorable little flowers, painted the rims yellow and added a random basket from her sisters room onto the front and created a vintage bike for the shoot! 

Like I said we had different locations and scenes for different styles of dress everything matched perfectly!

The adorable little lunch table! Rebecca made the table runner with adorable little napkins to match!  I stoled a few strips and made bow ties for the mason jars ( is it me or do bow ties make everything adorable) We had started shooting in the morning and by lunchtime the girls were starving! with poise they ate and I took photos of them, then after we all took a break and joined in with them! 

Here we are dining with the models, we were extremely hungry! 

Joyjah Estrada ; Rebecca Stirm; Diana Zetina; Shane Stirm; Vanna Wach; Khadija Assales; Then thiers me Monica Gallardo. Taking the photo is Felipe Paz <3 

I couldn't help it, Had to have a picture with the bike. We all were in love with it, Joyjah was the lucky one she got to model it! 

Rebecca and her models for Pink Jade Collection Cheers everyone! you did great!

Models: Rebecca Chou; Joyjah Estrada; Vanna Wach; Khadija Assales 

Another day, New model, More Dresses

Getting ready for Pink Jade Shoot part II.

 Gorgeous model from Blue Creek, Notice she's wearing Kaj Expressions Jewelry 

Jewelry picking 

Then Hair!


The ladies at work to make the prop for the shoot! 

Ta Da! Swing is made with just rope and a piece of wood!

 she gave the shoes new look! Taking shots of the shoes and the girls was fun! cant wait for the release! 

Bloopers, gotta love moments like these. 

I was scared, its just rope and a piece of wood. I kept freaking out they would fall but they were pretty brave! 

Their's me freaking out on the swing, a little over dramatic haha..

Moving on to different locations

means make up change ...

and Shoes, hair, etc ...

I hope these behind the scenes have left you wanting more! right about now you should probably be getting your tickets before they're all gone! 

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