Something Blue - Atmosphere Wedding

6:41 pm

Something Blue- The Wedding dress is from Rebecca Stirm's Atmosphere collection - "Inspired by soft blue flowing water, silvery dew drops, bright white clouds, moonlit rain, and starry nights"

The Tuxes were rentals from Belize Dry Cleaners, Big Thanks to them! 

The makeup is all Vanessa Awe Makeup Artistry - She perfectly matches the colors and made the bride and her maid of honor look amazing!

Cutest little wedding at a dome - heres the fun part! WE PLANNED THE WEDDING! 

Bride and groom - Check! 
maid of honor and best man- Check! 
Wedding Gown by Rebecca Stirm - Check! 
Tuxs from Belize Dry Cleaners- check! 
Jewelry by Kaj Expressions- Check! 
Makeup by Vanessa Awe - Check! 
Photography by Monica Gallardo - Check! ;) 

The Dress details! - the beading was spectacular! 

The Back of the dress reminded me of fairy tales, The Dome was an amazing location! 

His and Hers ... Shoes 

Close up of the make up by Vanessa 

Now the Bride and her Maid of Honor, they were truly best friends!

Inside the Dome..

The afternoon was Beautiful both Vanessa and Rebecca did an amazing job! The Models did a great job portraying a wedding! and it is definitely an afternoon to remember  playing wedding planner was fun! 

Xx Mon 

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